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Tesla and the Time Traveler (A Healthy Diet and Nutrition Guide for 2012 and Beyond Explained Through Chemtrails and Time Travel)


Tesla and the Time Traveler


David Runyon Stout









The Time Traveler set his coordinates for 1030 AD.


When he arrived and the vessel door opened, he walked out and saw two tribes of human beings fiercely at battle with swords, bows and arrows.


Gazing on this spectacle he waited patiently for its conclusion and then approached the two tribes and told them that very soon they would invent gunpowder and then swords, bows and arrows would become obsolete.


No one believed him so he got back in his vessel and sped off through time and space and arrived at 1800.


Stepping out he saw men and women riding horses and being carried around in horse and carriage devices that seemed to work quite well, apart from all the unfortunate horse manure and the fact that he could plainly see the horses themselves did not really enjoy it.


A few men were shooting guns into the air to celebrate one thing or another.


The Time Traveler approached a man and a woman riding in a horse drawn carriage and told them that very soon they would no longer need the horses or the carriages since the internal combustion engine automobile was soon to be invented and mass produced.


The man and woman looked at the Time Traveler in disbelief and then both started laughing and slapping their knees uncontrollably at this wild tale of future transportation.


The Time Traveler turned and went back to his vessel and set the coordinates for 1901.


Stepping out he saw many automobiles and many horse drawn carriages and even a few bicycles.


Even more men were shooting their guns into the air to celebrate one thing or another.


This was truly the future. First the gunpowder. Now this futuristic and truly amazing automobile.


He felt inspired to walk up to a group of people who were standing around one of the automobiles that stood with the hood up and the engine exposed as the owner described with much excitement how this advanced transportation device worked and how it was destined to improve the lives of all man and womankind.


The man illustrating the truly amazing wonders of the internal combustion engine automobile explained quite confidently that this marvelous new invention ran on fossil fuels which were embedded in the earth below in the form of some ex-dinosaurs and everyone had decided to call this new fossil fuel “oil” since “ex-dinosaur fossil fuel” seemed much too complicated and difficult to remember.


Oil had a certain ring to it. Like “cellar door.” Oil. It slipped and slid off the tongue seductively and seemed destined to intoxicate and elevate and diminish everyone who had a hand in producing it.


After all, this was the future and all technology was accepted as good.


The Time Traveler waited for the man to finish and then he told the gathering crowds that very soon some people would invent something called an airplane.


Some people in the crowd were curious and began to ask the Time Traveler questions about this airplane of the future but most of the crowd simply laughed and went back to whatever it was they were doing in their lives, confident that there would never ever be something as crazy and impossible as a bunch of men and women flying around in the sky.


That was for the birds and the bees and the Monarch (and other) butterflies.


The expression: “the sky’s the limit” had not yet been invented.


So the Time Traveler went back to his vessel and set the coordinates for 1960. Upon exiting the vessel he walked out and saw many men and women listening to radios and watching televisions.


And, of course, a few of the men and now even a few of the women were firing their guns into the air to celebrate one thing or another.


A few people were reading books and newspapers but most seemed to be drawn more to the radios and even more to the televisions.


They seemed almost hypnotized and asleep watching the televisions and they began to buy many things they never even knew they needed before.


The Time Traveler walked up to some people watching television.


Most of them were busy writing things down that they didn’t know they needed before the television told them they did.


He told the people watching television and writing things down that very soon there would be something called the Internet designed and engineered by some folks at a place called DARPA and that within just a few decades the entire earth population would be on this Internet and all of humanity would be connected and could communicate with each other and educate and express themselves as they pleased, so long as no one tried to hurt anyone.


The Internet was color blind.


You could be red, white, yellow, black or brown or even somewhere in between and it wouldn’t matter in the least. The Internet was the Internet, plain and simple.


The Internet was the crown jewel of all our technology thus far and as long as no one tried to hurt anyone else, it was an open proposition with endless possibilities to help humanity and the planet.


The Internet would be the great equalizer and nearly all points of view would be honored as sacred and unique and profound and would be shared by the collective whole of humanity equally.


Plus, as a bonus, people would be able to exchange and accept different cultural and political and religious points of view, and even exchange nutritious recipes and dietary advice from around the world; what worked, what did not, which foods were best for natural healing and on and on.


The Internet would truly be a marvelous vehicle to help deliver education, equality, equity and parity throughout the known world. The Internet represented the Holy Grail of Freedom and Connectivity.


Some of the people looked up at the Time Traveler and started asking questions but most of them sat and continued staring at the ELF television screens and writing down a bunch of things they never knew they needed before.


So the Time Traveler went back to his vessel and set the coordinates for 1980.


Walking out he came upon many people staring at their computers and typing away with glee and satisfaction. All the computers were hard wired through modems and all was good.


It seemed that technology had advanced about as far as it needed to and so the Time Traveler asked some of the people if they were truly happy with their gunpowder, automobiles, airplanes, radios, televisions, and Internet.


As a general consensus, most of them said their lives had improved significantly since the days of swords and bows & arrows but that they still felt a hole in their spirits that had not been filled.


Even today, they still felt tied down and restricted like the caterpillar in the chrysalis that had emerged from the cocoon but had yet to unfold and spread its Monarch butterfly wings and truly take flight.


The Time Traveler explained that very soon they would no longer need those hard wire cables at all because someone was about to invent something called wireless technology.


This had actually been thought of back in the 1800s by Nikola Tesla but now the time was right to introduce it en masse to all of humanity to help improve their lives even more through the ever increasing wonders of marvelous technology.


Not only would their computers be wireless but also their telephones. These would now be called “cell phones” instead of “telephones” and would use great towers to connect signals throughout time and space around the world.


Plus, as an added bonus, in case they had forgotten to look up at the blue skies and the stars at night instead of watching their televisions and computers, he assured them that there were space satellites orbiting the earth right now that would make all of this and much more possible.


The people were truly in awe and wonder and could not believe the Time Traveler who began to regale them with tales of ones and zeroes that would float all around them so that they could harness the incredible powers of netflix, amazon, espn, and walmart all within the confines of their increasingly cave like dwellings where they had everything they needed.


Most of them agreed that this would truly be a great and wondrous thing but few believed it was possible. You had to see something to believe it.


Some Time Traveler from wherever and whenever was not going to change that.


(The irony of the people having started out in caves long ago and now somehow returning to better, different caves of technology was lost on most of the people themselves).


The Time Traveler then asked the people if they believed in ghosts or spirits…in another dimension in which loved ones who had passed away could return and act as guides for those who were still living.


Or perhaps even life out there in the universe apart from what everyone had seen with their own eyes here on the planet earth.


Very few agreed that this could be possible since they could not see it with their own eyes.


By collective consensus it was agreed that no, this was not possible.


Only a few of the children agreed with the Time Traveler that both wireless and spirits and alternative dimensions and even perhaps other entities that lived somewhere besides the planet earth were possible and that was only because the adults had not yet taught them to let go of such childish and downright crazy ideas.


After all, how could any of them explain the appearance of the Time Traveler, most of the children thought quietly and collectively amongst themselves.


These children would soon be taught the truth of the matter; how things really work and so on.


The Time Traveler went back to his vessel and set the final coordinates for his time traveling trip to the year 2012, which for some reason seemed to have been on many people’s minds around the world for quite some time.


There was a great anticipation as the door to the vessel opened and the Time Traveler walked out and looked around, and then used all six or seven of his senses to really and truly see “what was what” here and there in 2012.


The first thing he always did whenever he landed in a new time and place was look up at the skies.


Since before 1040 AD and throughout his travels he had always seen deep azure blue skies during the day and many many millions of stars at night.


Sometimes there were big white cotton ball fluffy clouds that had the look of a kind and peaceful perch upon which he dreamily imagined himself resting and taking in the beautiful sun and stars.


But mostly, throughout all his many travels through time and space, the sky was always a deep azure blue. It was one of the few things you could really count on in life as you traveled through time and space the way the Time Traveler did.


But 2012 seemed very different.


In fact there were barely any stars or planets to see at night at all, at least where he had landed.


And the deep blue azure skies the color of the deep blue azure ocean were no longer blue at all.


As luck would have it the Time Traveler was an artist and a biologist and a chemist and a physicist and most especially a gifted painter and he had painted many of these skies he had witnessed in all his many many travels throughout time and space.


He had an entire collection from just about all time and space in his vessel so he rushed back in and sat for a while gazing back and forth though his vast catalog of natural world paintings.


Nope, he had never seen nor painted anything at all like what he was seeing here today in 2012.


Usually, he was excited whenever and wherever he landed to rush out and meet the people of earth (after first looking up at the skies, of course) and tell them about the wondrous inventions and technologies that lay just ahead to improve their lives and make things better for them.


This time, however, there was a dull, numbing melancholy that shrouded him and so he closed the vessel door and set the coordinates of his time traveling vessel back to 1998 to see if the skies had changed yet.


Upon arriving back in 1998 he hesitated before opening the vessel door because he really didn’t want to feel that ineffable pain and sadness he had felt back in 2012.


So he sat down on his meditation cushions and cleared his mind for a bit and then did some acupuncture and went into his sweat lodge and when he came out he went though his entire collection of paintings from all of time and space previously visited to make sure he would truly understand and truly see with all six or seven of his senses what the skies should look, feel, smell and taste like.


He was ready but still felt some fear.


Who could blame him really?


2012 was not a pretty picture.


Radioactive fallout from some earthquake in Japan was making its way over to the California coast and all kinds of blue fin tuna and other creatures were showing up with radioactive ions coursing through their individual and collective brains and flesh.


The Time Traveler recalled an 1100 year old ancient Hopi Indian prophecy about a gourd of ashes.


All of the many Hopi prophecies from way back had come true thus far, including cave paintings and carvings in which the prophecy for World War II had been symbolized by a rising sun and a swastika about a thousand years before WWII had even happened.


One of the final Hopi Indian prophecies said that someone would drop a gourd of ashes on someone else and whoever dropped that gourd of ashes would have it dropped back on them one day.


Some thought this referred to the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki dropped by the United States on the Japanese back in the 1940s.


So, now that the earthquake and subsequent tsunami had wreaked havoc on the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan and spilled and oozed out radioactive blue fin tuna, among many other things, that subsequently swam toward California ahead of the nuclear winds, now, could this be a taste of the gourd of ashes?


Or was it something else?


The Time Traveler was well aware that thanks to Nikola Tesla, the people of the earth now had the capability through HAARP and the Bernard Eastland patent on Tesla’s patented work, to completely control the weather and could quite obviously cause both earthquakes and tsunamis, droughts and floods, literally at the flick of a switch by bouncing one billion (or more) watts of energy off the planet earth’s ionosphere and directly (or indirectly) focusing that energy like a laser beam wherever and whenever they chose.


This was all common knowledge where the Time Traveler (and Tesla) came from and the Time Traveler wondered to himself and maybe even aloud, who knows, if all this had something to do with the silver blue skies now filled with aluminum, barium, strontium and other poisonous metals and bacteria and fungi and parasites that made 2012 a destination he would remind himself not to punch into his coordinates again any time soon.


Something about silver blue skies and silver blue radioactive blue fin tuna seemed to make sense.


And down south, to make matters worse, in the gulf of Mexico near a place they called New Orleans, it was even worse if you can believe that.


Someone had drilled into a volcano and there had been an explosion and now methane and ex-dinosaur fossil fuel oil from the earth’s belly were destroying the environment immeasurably.


This toxic bouillabaisse was making its way closer to Florida on the winds and currents and seemed to be destined to wrap itself around the sunshine state and continue suffocating and poisoning and destroying the fragile eco system all the way up the gorgeous eastern seaboard unless someone or a few someones put a stop to it fast!


No one would ever be able to swim in the ocean or go to the beach anywhere in North America ever again. It was very sad when you really truly stopped and really truly thought about it.


Plus, someone had decided to spray even more poisons on the poisons to hide them and make them go away which any second grader could have told you would only make everything worse.


The inventor and fungi biologist Paul Stamets had already proven and patented his idea of using mycelium to turn once toxic ex-dinosaur fossil fuel oil spills into thriving tropic cascade communities in almost no time at all.


Why weren’t the people that caused the explosion and the spill doing that?


Now, vast quantities of shrimp, integral to the food chain, were turning up in the gulf and sadly they were all born with no eyes to see.


That didn’t seem fair at all to the Time Traveler.


Not only tons of shrimp being born with no eyes. As if that were not enough.


Not only all of that but as an added bonus all the honey bees seemed to be dying off due to something the scientists had named “colony collapse disorder!”


Even Albert Einstein had agreed that if all the honey bees died men and women and children and even shrimp with no eyes would probably only have about four years of life left on the gift that was the planet earth.


No, 2012 was not a pretty scene.


Perhaps 1998 would be better.


So, gathering all his faith and courage and optimism and hope in humanity and the earth and space, the Time Traveler opened the door and walked out to look up at the sky.


And what he saw delighted him so much he jumped up and down and raised his arms and kicked and shouted and danced about for what seemed like 14 years.


The skies were still that deep azure blue with the occasional beautiful natural pure white cotton ball clouds drifting contentedly here and there.


Once in a while he could see a jet engine contrail dissipate into ice crystals and then vanish after a few seconds or a few minutes.


He waited around a bit and had a picnic and watched the sun go down over the ocean and waited for the stars and planets to come out at night.


And they did.


Billions and billions of stars and a few planets glowed luminously down and all seemed right with the earth and all of time and space and the entire universe.


Whew! That was a close one, the Time Traveler thought contentedly to himself.


But then he remembered all those men and women and children and fish and animals and plants and birds and Monarch (not to mention other) butterflies and bees and everything else still stuck back in 2012 and the Time Traveler’s heart sank once again.


The Time Traveler was truly reluctant to leave this “edenesque” environment of 1998 but felt he owed it to all of humanity and himself and the earth and the sky and the oceans and the universe in general to forge ahead so he went back to his time travel vessel and reluctantly (but with great courage and stoutness of heart) set the coordinates one last time for 2012.


Sure enough and most unfortunately when he stepped back out into 2012 it was just as he had recalled from his previous trip through all of time and space.


He hung his head and his shoulders slouched and he fell down on his knees and grabbed his head and cried for a bit.


Then, he wiped the tears away and lifted his head up high and closed his eyes and he smelled as a wolf would smell.


Then he stuck out his tongue and tasted the sky as a dragon might.


He perked up his ears and listened very carefully to see what he could hear the way a lion would.


Finally he stood up and stretched a bit, sat back down and did some meditation and some acupuncture and a sweat lodge ceremony and then the Time Traveler ate an avocado and some wild Alaskan salmon and some garlic and spinach with his favorite soy ginger salad dressing and then he drank about a gallon of distilled purified water from Fiji with some sliced whole lemons and freshly sliced ginger root, all of which he had packed ahead of time knowing what he already knew through space and time about 2012.


So, feeling as fully prepared as he imagined he could be, the Time Traveler set out to find some men and women and a few children and perhaps even a few animals if he could find any to get their individual and collective take on what had happened to the gift of the earth and the sky and the ocean and the stars and the sun and the planets and the entire universe since 1998.


The people he found did not seem happy or healthy.


Many were hunched over like cave dwellers coughing and spitting and wheezing and coughing some more. Some seemed to be walking around in their sleep with a dazed look in what was left of their once beautiful eyes.


The Time Traveler recalled a film from the 1960s called “Night of the Living Dead” and also a band called Pink Floyd that had made a movie out of an album of theirs called “The Wall.”


Sadly, much of what he witnessed now in 2012 reminded him (mostly) of these two films.


Sure, there were still (for now at least) many more who seemed perfectly fine and healthy but not a single person he met glowed in that timeless and ageless connection with the true unpolluted and beautiful universe-way he had always experienced throughout his many, many adventures through time and space.


And the Time Traveler knew in his heart, soul and mind that something had gone dreadfully and terribly and horribly wrong. Mostly though, the Time Traveler wondered if it could all be fixed the way a child wonders if he or she can hastily fix a broken antique plate or vase before Mom & Dad get home.


As the Time Traveler gazed up at what were once the deep azure blue skies he noticed once again that they were no longer deep azure blue at all but had taken on a silver blue hue instead, as if the entire planet had been covertly cloaked and wrapped and spun into a cocoon of plasma.


It reminded him of when he had once watched a spider that had caught a fly in her web.


The way the spider would spin and spin the fly around and around, again and again for what seemed like about 14 years until gradually there was no more fly at all.


Just a white gooey something or other that always made the Time Traveler feel sad for the fly but happy for the spider at the exact same moment.


The air felt and smelled and tasted and looked metallic and unnatural and unhealthy, to say the least.


And the strangest thing of all.


There were these cloud like things that resembled the jet engine contrails he had recalled from previous traveling experiences through both space and time but these were very different.




These strange and toxic feathery plumes were wrapped around the entire earth now, choking and poisoning the air and water and soil and plants and animals and oceans.


And people! Men. Women. Children. Babies.


You name it. If it relied on the air and the rain and the water and the soil and the plants and the animals and the bees and the Monarch (and other) butterflies, then you had to admit.


Everything and everyone was dying slowly and gradually, poisoned by whatever had been going on up there from at least 1998 to 2012.


How could this have happened and no one seemed to notice?


There weren’t even any more men or even women shooting their guns off into the sky to celebrate one thing or another.


The Time Traveler had to find out how and why and so he wandered a bit and came to a woman who was very focused upon quite hastily gathering her four children into a mini van.


The four children were all clad in cleats and sports uniforms of some type.


The Time Traveler politely and respectfully introduced himself to the woman and the four children and explained to them what he felt had happened here in 2012 and then asked them why no one seemed to care or even notice.


All the woman said to the Time Traveler was that she was late getting the kids to soccer practice.


And the children didn’t say anything at all but looked up at the Time Traveler with that sad empty hole in the soul melancholy individual and collective look that only a child can truly express before its too late to publicly and outwardly feel truly sad about something that mattered most of all and beyond anything else.


After all, how would there even be a soccer practice for which to be late (or otherwise) if there were no more azure blue skies and the air and water and soil and plants and animals and bees and Monarch (and other) butterflies and on and on were slowly and deliberately being poisoned for some strange reason.


So the woman and the four children sped off in their mini van so they could be late for soccer practice and that was that.


The Time Traveler, not satisfied in the least in the woman’s reply that it had all happened because she had been late getting her children to soccer practice, and deeply moved by the ineffable looks of anguish and fear and honest one of a kind sadness in the children’s individual and collective eyes, set off to find someone else who might explain what exactly had happened between 1998 and 2012.


What had happened to this place where everyone had everything they needed already like mangoes and honey and avocados and beans and garlic and lemons and fish…what had happened to change the earth and the skies and the water and the soil and the rain and the plants and the animals and the birds and the bees and the fish and the Monarch (and other) butterflies and everything else that truly mattered and had been given to people as a gift by the creator…how had they allowed this to happen in just 14 very short years?


Someone had to know!


Someone here in 2012 must be awake somewhere and not late for soccer practice.


So the Time Traveler decided to board his time scooter and head over to Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village in the city of Manhattan.


If nothing else, the Time Traveler figured he could get a few games of speed chess in with the locals if they still indulged in such a thing.


Someone there would know what was going on and why the blue fin tuna and the skies had both turned to radioactive plasma in 2012.


The Time Traveler always loved a good game of chess.


Some had called it the “game of kings” which always made the Time Traveler giggle quietly to himself since the king was in fact the least effectual and most effete piece on the entire board.


The king just sat there most of the time and let the queen, rooks, bishops, knights and pawns do all the work.


As the Time Traveler zoomed toward Washington Square Park he recalled the greatest chess match he had ever witnessed in all of his many travels through time and space and it had occurred at a speed chess table in Washington square Park not long ago when the skies were still azure blue and all seemed right with the world.


Nikola Tesla vs Bobby Fischer was indeed the crown jewel of many highlights amongst all his many time travels and he would never forget that epic match.


Fischer won, of course, but the Time Traveler always felt that it was only because Tesla had so much else on his mind apart from chess all the time whereas Bobby Fisher thought of nothing but chess.


That was a clear advantage for Fischer when it came to chess.


So the Time Traveler arrived at Washington Square Park and parked his time scooter under the arch and set out to find some answers. He strolled over to the speed chess tables and took in a few games and then gazed around the park itself to try and pinpoint someone through his sixth sense of intuition, a sense that was mostly ignored these days here on earth in 2012 it seemed.




Over by the fountains.


On a bench.


Was it him?


The Time Traveler strolled leisurely over to a bench by the fountains and sat down a few feet away from a man who was bent over and mumbling incoherently to himself while feeding a bunch of pigeons.


The man stopped what he was doing and sat perfectly still for a few eternities.


He was weather worn but hardly beaten, with long grayish black bedraggled hair and a full beard that, although also bedraggled, seemed to fit the earnest and authentic look in his deep azure blue eyes when he finally sat up straight and looked directly into the eyes of the Time Traveler.


“There is an art to enjoying the quiet solitude of a noisy and chaotic venue,” was all he said, and returned to feeding his pigeons.


Just then the Time Traveler heard a lone gun shot ring out, followed quickly by two more single shots, and he knew that it was not someone celebrating one thing or another.


The sound of the shots had a final and deadly sensibility that lingered just after and occupied the space in the air like a Brancusi sculpture.


The Time Traveler felt in his heart that someone had just died.


Then, the man feeding the pigeons on the bench looked at the Time Traveler a second time.


“You’ve come to ask about the silver blue plasma skies, no doubt.”


The Time Traveler nodded in agreement and said “And also the silver blue plasma tuna.”


“There are many theories”, the man sighed.


The Time Traveler spoke:


“I have traveled often through time and space and seen most everything there is to see and it was not until I arrived here in 2012 that I saw these silver blue plasma skies full of aluminum and barium and parasites and fungi and bacteria and these strange cirrus cloud like ‘contrails’…..”


“They are not ‘contrails’, my friend,” the man interrupted. “Contrails dissipate into ice crystals at altitude and last only a few seconds or minutes. These strange aerosols last for days sometimes.

Even a second grader who bothered to look up at the skies could tell you that.”


“How has this happened? What are they doing up there? Why are they doing it?”, the Time Traveler inquired.


“There are many theories”, the man replied again, and went back to feeding his pigeons.


“Will you tell me what you believe?” asked the Time Traveler.


The man reflected for a bit and looked again at the Time Traveler.


Deep into his azure blue eyes.


“Many are beginning to awaken but it may be too late. Perhaps not. Some call them ‘chemtrails’ though this is merely a convenient and catchy popularized vernacular and a riff on ‘contrails’, you see.


More appropriately they are geo-engineering aerosol spray trails, full of aluminum and barium and strontium and parasites and fungi and bacteria…some say Archaebacteria… you know about the third kingdom of life Archaea recently discovered in the seventies?


These Archaea prefer extreme climates, like the hot springs in Yellowstone Park or at the bottom of the sea near the volcanoes. To the Archaea this is heaven, whereas nothing else on the earth could possibly survive in such extreme conditions….


The biggest mistake anyone can make is assuming that there is only one reason…one explanation for what is going on today in 2012.


In fact there are at least six or seven.


The cover story is just now coming to light, that of geo-engineering the earth’s atmosphere to help prevent global warming…..ahhhh…such a joke, this global warming myth that has been propagandized and perpetuated ad nauseum the way you might market a pair of sneakers or a beer….yet people believe it and accept it without question and go about their business as usual.


So those in charge would say it is for the good of the collective whole and to protect them from the sun and all of that….the cover story….of course there are military applications at stake as well…do you know the work of Tesla?”


The Time Traveler nodded that he did.


“Yes, Tesla…without Nikola Tesla none of this may have happened, and yet Tesla was avidly against war…Tesla was attempting to prevent any future wars by utilizing an ionic shield.


They called it Star Wars in the eighties when Reagan was president.


Now they have HAARP up in Alaska and many other places and it seems to be a kind of scalar stand-off….so they feel the skies must be turned to plasma, despite the health consequences.”


“But why the Archaea and bacteria and fungi? Why would anyone spray that on men, women, children and babies?” the Time Traveler asked.


“Because there are far too many people in the world to control right now and the earth’s depleting resources cannot be sustained given the geometric population growth rate…why, do you realize that when we switched over from BC to AD there were a mere 200 million people on the planet earth?


By 1830 there were one billion.


By 1930 it had doubled to two billion.


As we sit here today in this wonderful park there are more than seven billion people on the planet and by 2050 it is projected that there will be about 10.5 billion.


Think of it!


Something had to be done so they are culling the herd, as it were, to make the global population more manageable.


This was put in place at the Earth Summit in Rio down in Brazil back in 1992.


Anyone with an Internet connection and a brain can do the research.


It is called Agenda 21 and it is real and it is happening and it has been happening and it will continue to happen unless and until people wake up and put their ipods and smart phones and televisions in the basement or the attic or the nearest dumpster and start to appreciate all we have and all that we are losing….it makes me sad really, that so many are asleep….like the frog in the pot of water; comfortably numb, dazed and sleeping as it boils to death gradually over time….those behind all of this are very patient….they use time all the time.


The final piece perhaps, though there is undoubtedly much more going on behind the curtain, is all about control….you see technology is nearly always marketed and perceived by the general public as inherently good and helpful…something that will improve the lives of the collective whole…yet it is also true that the technology that people can see with their own eyes and feel with their own hands is usually about thirty to forty years old by the time it is released to the public for distribution.


So this last part has the advantage of being perceived as mere science fiction by the public when in fact it has been possible for quite some time.


This is the BioAPI or nano technology. They have sprayed the world with this nano technology and all of us have gradually and over time breathed in these nano particles….think of a tiny little computer smaller than a human hair…sub micron…that has attached itself to a single synapse in your brain.


Now, imagine that once it has assimilated the synapse it reaches out with its tentacles and adheres to and assimilates many more synapses and begins to assert control over our minds.


It all started with the ELF television transmissions and now it has advanced to the BioAPI or application program interfaace.


And this is just one BioAPI.


There are probably hundreds or thousands by now in every person’s brain since they have been spraying us all since at least 1998.”


“Yes! Yes! Yes!” the Time Traveler agreed.


“After visiting 2012 I traveled back to 1998 and none of this was happening, at least so far as I could see, taste, hear and smell, among other sensibilities I used to get a feel for 1998 vs 2012.”


The man continued:


“Yes, that seems to be just about when the frogs were placed in the cool calm pot of water and the pot of water placed on the stove top…then the stove was turned on to maybe just one or two degrees above room temperature and that temperature has been increasing slowly and gradually ever since.


This, plus the BioAPI nano technology is why nearly everyone is asleep and cannot wake up to see the skies as they really and truly are..entire flocks of birds fall from the skies and people watch sports instead of asking why….the honey bees are all dying and people camp out for days to be the first to buy the new smart phone….its a sad and beautiful world.”


The Time Traveler sat still and considered all of this very carefully.


“Are there any more reasons you know of why all of this is happening?”, he asked, regretting the question as soon as he had asked it.


The man looked at the Time Traveler directly in the eyes for the third and last time.


“Some say that all of this is being done by the Archaea. That they have been dormant in the hot springs and volcanoes and we discovered them and began to manipulate their DNA and genetic structure and let the genie out of the bottle. So they are geo-engineering the planet earth to make the atmosphere better suited to their needs….the aluminum and barium and strontium and other radioactive and poisonous metals that we find toxic are like nectar to the Archaea.


And the methane down in the gulf, mixed with ex-dinosaur fossil fuel oil and add in a sprinkle of poisonous corexit…yummy as far as the Archaea are concerned.


Now the cherry on the sundae for the Archaea is the radiation from our nuclear plants.


Similar to the mycelim fungi that once ruled the planet earth some 65 billion years ago, these Archaea thrive on radiation.


They could care less about photosynthesis and light from the sun.


In fact the less sun the better and this is exactly what is happening.


So you have that theory to add to the mix as well.”


“So tell me please, how is it that you have awakened and know so much about truth and reality”, the Time Traveler posited.


“I learned long ago to question everything, even myself, and to research and carefully study who owns what in this world.


You see my friend, whoever ‘they’ are, they own everything…all the media is owned and controlled…the television and news, mainstream newspapers and magazines, the music and film industries…everything!


One of their specialties is to continually leave us hints as to their true agenda.


However, because most of us are mostly asleep, most of us seem to miss the lesson.


An example would be a film like The Matrix, which most accept as pure science fiction fantasy but which actually very closely parallels the very tenets of Buddhism described some 2500 years ago…yet we see such a film and nearly unanimously agree that it is simply a fantasy when the reality is that it is much closer to reality than fantasy.


They are now talking about the 1% vs the 99% in terms of global wealth and who owns what.


The same percentage is true in terms of how many are awake and how many are asleep.


Indeed. It is this fantasy that we believe something to be a fantasy that is the true fantasy.


Then also, I began to do a lot of sweat lodges and acupuncture and meditation.


If I could not find a traditional sweat lodge then I would go to a gym or health club that has a dry sauna with hot rocks to help enable my body and mind dispel all the poisonous toxins.


Admittedly, the traditional sweat lodge is much better but one cannot always find one these days.


The acupuncture clears my chi and the meditation clears my mind.”


The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper and handed it to the Time Traveler.


“Here you are my friend, the secret of my success. I have long since memorized this list so I give it to you to take back and forth as a gift to all humanity wherever and whenever you may choose to go.”


The Time Traveler unfolded and un-crumpled the piece of paper and gazed intently on its contents.


“Finally”, the man exclaimed, “I give you the gift of the gargle.”


“The gargle?” asked the Time Traveler.


“Yes, you must do this every day, three or five times a day separated by exactly four hours per gargle for the first three weeks, and then you can taper off.


But once you start you must commit to doing this gargle every day for the rest of your life.


And you must encourage others to do it as well, respectfully and with loving kindness for all sentient (and other) beings on earth.


The gargle was discovered by a very kind and gentle, very intelligent man through repeated experimentation and sound scientific method over the course of the last 12 years.


Like most good things in life it is both very simple, very profound, and practically free of charge.


You can choose either organic grape juice or red wine, preferably a merlot of some kind.


Organic red wine is even better.


You simply mix two tablespoons of the red wine or organic grape juice (better for children and for those who choose not to drink alcohol) with one tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide (H202).


You must never swallow it but simply swish and swirl and run your tongue up and down and around your mouth as you gargle to get every last nano spot in your mouth.


Perhaps if you have some favorite youtube videos that are about five minutes long you can sit and watch them as you do your daily gargles.


These things.


They are spraying on all of us. Everywhere. Everyone is infected by now.


The results that people encounter will be like a bell curve and will mostly be a function of their diet, lifestyle and geography.


In general they tend to thrive in an acidic environment and not so much in an alkaline environment.


So eat lots of lemons and stay away from sugars and artificial sweeteners of any kind.


Lemons and garlic and ginger and turmeric and greek yogurt would be a good place to begin.


Some of these things they are spraying on us are for some unknown reason very drawn to grapes and the addition of the H202 in the mix is even more effective.


You set up a 32 ounce empty container, (I use an empty greek yogurt container myself) with a coffee filter on top using four paper clips to fasten the coffee filter to the top of the container.


After you have gargled for exactly five minutes you place your container in the sink and lean forward as if to whistle, parting your lips just slightly so the liquid seeps out slowly and gradually onto the filter, spreading it around in concentric circles.


You may not see much the first time but it is like a bell curve and eventually you will see some of what has been incubating and gestating inside all of humanity for many many years as we have been gazing down at our ipods and droids instead of gazing up at the stars and planets and faded plasma silver blue skies.


People are dying everywhere.


This will help.


You must do it yourself for three weeks and record your findings with pictures and videos and use a high powered camera microscope if you have one…you must begin right away and wake them up!


And, most importantly, do not ever save any of it in liquid as it will incubate and gestate into something awful that will make you very sick within minutes.


The best course of action is to let the filters dry in the sun in a hidden place where no children or others will accidentally find them.


Then pour any liquid left in the container down the sink drain and finally pour some baking soda, iodized salt and turmeric and maybe even some H202 for good measure down the drain after it each time.


We have to consider where things end up once they go down the drain.


This mixture may not harm the Archaea but should kill off most of the other bacteria, fungi and parasites you’ll find in your mouth.”


The man paused and reflected for a few minutes as the Time Traveler listened to the silence.


“I am tired now and have finished feeding the pigeons for the day. I must go and rest. Please help me awaken the world.”


And the man stood up and walked away and disappeared into the electric crowds and that was that.


Now he knew.


The TIME TRAVELER sped back to his vessel on his time scooter and shut the vessel door behind him.


He reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper the man in the park had given to him and flipped it over so he could write down everything the man told him about the red wine & H202 gargle to help awaken humanity.


All the men, women, children and babies.


The birds, bees, Monarch (and other) butterflies and all the rest of the plants and animals living on the planet earth. The skies and oceans and rain and soil and mycelium.


Every One and Every Thing must awaken.


The Time Traveler set his coordinates for 1997 AD.






How to Help Get Rid of the Bacteria, Fungus & Parasites Sprayed On Us From Chemtrails
(Adults ONLY for Now…)

(1) Brush your teeth and tongue
(2) Floss your teeth (if you’re not an avid flosser then floss again and perhaps again 2-3 times)
(3) Mix up some warm water, some lemon juice and some salt and gargle for a few minutes
(4) Mix two table spoons of red wine (organic is best, merlot is a good choice but red wine) with one table spoon of hydrogen peroxide (be sure it is the 3% mix w/ 97% water) You can also try it with just wine or less than a tablespoon of H2O2 if the H202
(5) Gargle for exactly five minutes (find your favorite five minute youtube video to enjoy as you really swish and swirl and gargle, moving your tongue around your teeth and so on…do not swallow but simply gargle
(6) Spit this red wine & hydrogen peroxide 2:1 tablespoon mix into a container/sink
(7) What do you see?
(8) Pour some of the red wine into a second container and compare
(9) Pour some of the red wine and hydrogen peroxide mix into a third container and compare
(10) Repeat procedure 3-5 times per day until you stop seeing what it was you saw the first time and if you like pick up a few of the samples with some sterilized tweezers and introduce them to garlic, lemon juice, tumeric, hot chili sauce, salt, sugar, and whatever acidic and alkaline foods you have on hand
(11) Between gargles keep a glass of warm water with some salt to rinse your mouth out more fully….be very careful not to over do it as too much of the Hydrogen Peroxide can burn the inside of your mouth; when you spit, lean forward and purse your lips as if to whistle and let the liquid drain slowly as you observe what is coming out; the very last part will be very foamy
(12) Be sure to eat lots of GARLIC and onions and AVOCADOS and YOGURT and TUMERIC and LEMONS….keep a glass of distilled or pure water with half a lemon in it and keep drinking it throughout the day…..also, you may notice your lymph nodes swell as the toxins accumulate so a good natural helper here is a glass of pure or distilled water with ½ table spoon sea salt and half a table spoon baking soda…also chewing on some raw ginger will help

“There’s an old folk warning that if you throw a frog in boiling water he or she will quickly jump out. But if you put a frog in a pan of cold water and raise the temperature ever so slowly, the gradual warming will make the frog doze happily…in fact, the frog will eventually cook to death, without ever waking up.
The frog’s body temperature follows its surroundings. If you put the frog directly in boiling water, it will sense the heat immediately and jump out. But when you heat the water slowly, the frog keeps adjusting to the rising temperature. When the heat is too much for the frog to take, it is too late. The frog collapses and dies.
The fable is also used by moralists as a cautionary tale warning against the folly of letting smaller wrongs just slip by or of falling into a pattern of small and seemingly harmless “sin” rather than disturb one’s complacency enough to address these issues, thereby allowing “evil” to grow into a powerful force.
When used in this fashion, those being regaled with the anecdote are being cautioned against their moral inactivity or laxity leading to their someday finding themselves to be the frog engulfed in a deadly situation.”

~ Anonymous



Suggested Diet to Offset Deleterious Effects of “Chemtrails”

Food Issue Solution Benefit
Almonds Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Apple Pectin (Apples, Apple Juice)
Avocados Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Bananas Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Barley Boosts Immune System
Beans (Other) Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Beans (White) Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Berries (Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries)
Black Tea Boosts Immune System
Caprylic Acid Fungus Anti-Fungal
Carrots Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Cashews Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Cayenne Pepper Titanium, Magnesium Blood Thinner
Chicken Soup (Chicken Vegetable Soup) Boosts Immune System
Chocolate Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Coconut Oil
Colloidal Silver (Do Not take if you are already on a prescribed blood thinner) Fungus Anti-Fungal
Dates Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) Fungus Anti-Fungal
Dried Apricots Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Dried Chervil Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Eggs Vitamin D
Flax Seed Oil Aluminum Essential Fatty Acid
Fish (SARDINES, Pompano, Halibut, Salmon, Tuna) Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Garlic Fungus Anti-Fungal Boosts Immune System
Ginger Root Titanium, Magnesium Blood Thinner
Ginko Biloba Titanium, Magnesium Blood Thinner
Goat’s Milk Vitamin D
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Grape Juice (Organic) Morgellons
Grapes (Red) Morgellons
Green Tea Boosts Immune System
Ice Cream
Kidney Beans Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Kiwi Fruit Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Krill Oil Aluminum Essential Fatty Acid
Lemons Aluminum Essential Fatty Acid
Lentils Barium Potassium
Lima Beans Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Macadamia Nuts
Mushrooms (Reishi, Shitake, Maitake) Fungus Anti-Fungal
Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) zeolite drops

Oats Boosts Immune System
Olive Leaf Extract
Omega 3 Fish Oil Aluminum Essential Fatty Acid
Omega 369 Oil Aluminum Essential Fatty Acid
Oregano Oil
Papayas Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Paprika Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Peas (Dried or Other) Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Pistachios Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Pomegranate Seed Oil (Pomegranate Jelly)
Primrose Oil Aluminum Essential Fatty Acid
Probiotic Supplement Fungus Anti-Fungal
Raisins Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Red Chili Powder
Red Wine (Organic) Morgellons
Sardines Vitamin D
Shitake Mushrooms Vitamin D
Soybeans Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Spinach Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Swiss Chard Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Tumeric Fungus Anti-Fungal Boosts Immune System
Vitamins A, B, C, D, E Boosts Immune System
Vitamin D Vitamin D Vitamin D
Yams Barium Potassium Boosts Immune System
Yogurt Fungus Anti-Fungal Boosts Immune System

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